Senior Housing Options

Seniors have numerous life-style choices when they can no longer live at home. Following is a description of the choices and then a listing of local facilities. Keep in mind that the services and amenities offered vary from facility to facility, even within the same group. For example, in independent living facilities, some of them provide extra services like meals or activities, and some do not. Another example is in assisted living facilities, some will accommodate residents in wheelchairs, and some will not. Of course it is always best to throughly investigate and compare facilities and ask a lot of questions, in order to match the resident to an appropriate facility.

Independent Living Facilities: These can be government subsidized for people with limited income and assets, or non-subsidized for anyone. They can vary from individual apartments with no additional services, to facilities that provide all meals and activities, and everything in between. Usually there would not be 24 hour supervision, although home care agencies can be contracted to provide extra care as needed for personal care, medications, food or companionship.

Assisted Living Facilities: These facilities usually have between six to 40 residents and includes 24 hour supervision of the residents. These facilities would offer help with activities of daily living, feeding, dressing, personal care, medications and so forth. These facilities would take care of all the resident’s needs up until the time they would need a nursing home.

Memory Impaired Facilities: These are like assisted living facilities that specialize in residents who are afflicted with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There should be close supervision, and there may be locked or armed doors for the resident’s safety.

Nursing Homes: These would serve patients who need constant skilled nursing services that are unable to be provided at an assisted living or foster care facility. Also nursing home can provide rehabilitation for patient’s injuries with the hope of returning home or to an independent living or assisted facility.

These are the categories we have listed in this directory, but in fact there is a lot of overlap of services and different levels of care offered from one facility to another.

To insure you have an appropriate placement


Investigate, Compare, and Ask Lots of Questions.

Adult Foster Care Facilities: There are hundreds of AFC facilities in the area, some of which cater to seniors, and some to other groups of residents. For information on Adult Foster Care facilities and vacancies, you may contact the representative of the Adult Foster Care Providers of Genesee County, Melissa Bentley, at 810-547-1763, or visit our website at

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